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Christmas Fruitlanders

10 serves

30 minutes


• 5 Del Monte® Bananas
• 12 strawberries
• 12 chocolate counters
• 24 chocolate sprinkles
• 12 green grapes
• 12 mini marshmallows
• 12 large marshmallows
• Honey for decoration
• Wooden skewers


1)FOR REINDEERS 2)Chop a Del Monte® Banana in half. Put the banana half onto a skewer. 3)Add a halved marshmallow to the skewer above the banana. Cut the top off a strawberry and place above the marshmallow. 4)Add a mini marshmallow to finish the skewer. Make sure the end of the skewer is not poking out of the top. Add a chocolate counter to the middle of the banana using a drop of honey. 5)Add two chocolate sprinkles above the chocolate counter for eyes, using a drop of honey to secure them. 6)FOR SANTAS 7)Chop one banana into slices and cut the top off a strawberry. 8)Push a grape half way down one of the skewers. Push a banana slice on top of the grape. Push the strawberry on top of the banana. 9)Finish with a mini marshmallow, again without the end of the skewer poking out of the top.

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