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If Kids Make it, They Eat it

Winter months can be dark and boring for kids and parents alike, so step up to the plate with a tasty challenge for your kids.

Find a healthy recipe that includes fresh fruit in our recipe section, print it out, and head off to the store with your children. Let the kids do the shopping-- see the store through the eyes of child for a change. It’s healthier than popcorn and a movie, and your kids are learning a valuable life skill. 

  • What’s the serving size? How many people are eating? 
  • Will everyone be ready to eat at the same time?  
  • How much do you think this will cost? 
  • How long do you think this will take to make?  


By asking these simple questions, you’re training your kids to critically review a recipe. This time-tested home economics training offers a structured environment that includes much needed variety and creativity. Kids get to conceptualize a recipe, purchase the items within budget, prepare the item with your oversight, and finally present it!