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Iceland partners with Del Monte to promote NHS Healthy Start on frozen fruit

Iceland is partnering Del Monte to promote the NHS Healthy Start scheme on 4.6 million packs of the brand's frozen fruit products.

Packs sold in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will carry a message saying: "Could you get this for free?"

Under the NHS Healthy Start scheme, government vouchers worth £4.25 a week are issued to those on low income and pregnant or with parental responsibility for a child under four. The government issues the vouchers by topping up a payment card which the claimant can use in stores.

"Data from the NHS Business Services Authority reveals that full take-up of the NHS Healthy Start scheme would lead to tens of millions of pounds worth of additional benefit being administered each year to around 130,000 families in need," said Iceland MD Richard Walker.

"It's so important that this takes place, when the difference could mean an extra £442 a year towards essentials like food, baby formula and vitamins."

It is said to be the first time a supermarket and brand have collaborated to promote the scheme.

"We hope that, in broadening the options for low-income families so they can buy the brands they know and love, even more will come forward to claim their financial support during this hard time," Walker added.

It comes after Iceland began promoting the scheme on its own label milk bottles earlier this year.

Del Monte senior commercial director Martin Tilney said: "Fresh Del Monte has a century-long commitment to fresh fruit with no compromise on quality."

Zoe McIntyre, Children's Right2Food lead at The Food Foundation, said: "As the UK prepares for one of the most expensive winters we've had to date, it's more important than ever to be making every effort to increase uptake and awareness of NHS Healthy Start for low-income young families.

"Iceland is doing a fantastic job and we look forward to seeing the results from this campaign."

Maggie Throup, minister for public health at the Department of Health and Social Care, said: "It's fantastic Iceland is once again helping to promote this important scheme."


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